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quality replica HYT H1 air-rc44 148-AB-52-GF-TB watch
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Aug 2019
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#1 Tongue quality replica HYT H1 air-rc44 148-AB-52-GF-TB watch
Replica HYT H1 air-rc44 148-AB-52-GF-TB watch

There are four windows on the cheap mens watches dial. Through these windows, we can see the 65-hour power reserve indicator, the second tray and two bellows, which hold and distribute red and transparent liquids and tell the time.inally, the words "time is precious" are inscribed on the edge of the machine core, which is a bitter reminder to cherish every moment. The invisible case, with a sandblasted stainless steel back and a DLC coated crown, is surprisingly wearable despite its 48.8 mm diameter. As expected, this watch is only 30 meters waterproof.

For those who are not familiar with the core concepts of HYT, time is fluid. Capillaries filled with liquids replace the clockwise. A very thin meniscus separates two liquids, one is transparent and the other is colored. It is this point of transition that marks time. When the left bellows are completely depressed, there is no coloured liquid, while the right bellows are full of clarity. At this point, the retrograde function returns the color fluid trajectory through the glass capillary and starts its 12-hour journey again. For the fast approaching trade show SIHH 2019, HYT has announced the addition of its H20 series. HYT H20 "Time Is Fluid" wristwatch combines futuristic style design, traditional high-level clock decoration, and the complete display of three-dimensional elements, which is eye-catching. Trying to boil everything down to the core concepts that make the brand stand out. Most importantly, H1.0 is the year-old version of H 0, which ultimately embraces itself and has a little fun. (In my opinion, this color is better than previous attempts.)

This brand new H20 series is consistent in many ways with the series and past HYT HYT H1 air-rc44 148-AB-52-GF-TB watch watches.

[Image: HYT%20H1%20148-AB-52-GF-TB%20watch.jpg]

it introduces some key luxury swiss watches design differences - not just new color versions of existing H20 models. One factor that certainly divides audiences is the "TIME IS FLUID" text, which is presented with a single three-dimensional letter vertically lined on the edge of a tall crystal. The HYT watch shares many features on various models and lines. Of course, the most obvious and well-known thing is the use of colored liquids in pipes to represent time - and the brand's own description of "hydrodynamic watchmaker" must be one of the most successful marketing slogans in the recent independent watchmaking industry, partly because people just like to say it. HYT watches may usually include abstract concepts and avant-garde designs, alternative time displays and "bold" cases. They also share specific design elements and actions, while the HYT H20 "Time Flow" combines several functions in different HTY series. It seems that the HYT team has an interesting approach, and sometimes puns like "H20" and "Time is Fluid" refer to brand concepts that use liquid time display. A little subtle in the name of H20, at least the way I see it, is that it combines elements of the H2 and H0 series. HYT H0 (obviously aitch-zero) introduces tall bowl-shaped crystals, which almost seem to be part of the case, and generates a large number of viewing depths and angles, as seen on H20. The HYT H20 uses a beautiful core.

I am confident in the design of this work I like. The 65-hour power storage indicator is ultimately clear and easy to use, and the bright red pointer perfectly counteracts the Super-LumiNova C7 digital Cool Mint Turquoise and the fluidic illuminator strip glowing in the dark. The fluid indicator itself is black, in sharp contrast to the light-emitting green beneath it.

feeling the HYT watches by heart.
08-19-2019 10:11 PM
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